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Donating Materials to the Hastings Historical Society

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The Hastings Historical Society's mission includes collecting and preserving materials from any era that help to illuminate our community's past. Through generous donations from current and former residents, we have amassed a large archive, which is preserved in our climate-controlled facility.

We collect what to most people would seem like ordinary material--family photographs and snapshots, postcards, memorabilia--pertaining to Hastings businesses and local organizations, houses and parks, local celebrations, school days, leisure activities, and more. We are always interested in the early days, but the collection is especially lacking in material from the 1960s and 70s.

We also benefit from loans. We make copies of documents and photos and take photographs of artifacts, after which we return them to their owners. These loans also help to increase the diversity of our archive and enrich our knowledge of Hastings' past.

Any current or former Hastings resident with historical items that may be of interest should call the Historical Society at (914) 478-2249 or email us at hhscottage@hastingshistorical.org for further information.

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